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Graduating with a BFA in Communications Design from Syracuse University, Sami Wittmann is a conceptual problem solver with a knack for thinking outside the box.


Though she has a slight addiction to Arizona green tea, her love for creative entertainment fuels her drive to grow and thrive in a collaborative, energetic work environment. Constantly evolving, her mind absorbs new techniques and ideas every day that only enhance her process and creative thinking. While focusing on a multidisciplinary experimental approach and various stages of empathetic ideations, she strives for clarity and individuality through visually stimulating design.


If you’re looking for an individual who still prides themselves on their pumpkin carving abilities, then feel free to contact Sami down below to chat!


if you're wondering about the lovely accent

on my face, it was a nosedive straight to the floor -

a pretty rare trick if I do say so myself